Thursday, February 25, 2010


I went over to Will's house yesterday morning and was so excited to meet him! He was a pretty good sleeper and a really good eater as he had to eat a few times during the session. Hey, being a model is hard work!

I got some awesome deals on fabric the day before. The blue and white polka-dot fabric makes an awesome background!

"LITTLE DUDE big dreams!"

I love when newborns smile! I missed his first smile and was afraid he wouldn't do it again! I was almost going to put my camera down when he did this...


Also... that super cute bear/mouse hat was made by my mom! She is a crocheting machine and my sister in law and I convinced her to start her own Etsy shop. For all you photographers out there, there will be very cute props at even better prices! And for all you new moms out there, there will be some super cute accessories for your little one. :) I will post the link soon!

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  1. Hooray, because I want exactly that hat. I LOVE the colors! And I have a friend who's having a boy this summer.