Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As you know, I have stopped photographing weddings until I am done with school, just because both are a little much to handle. I do still have a few weddings come up that were already booked though! I had one this past weekend. Jamie and Erica's day was filled with fun and snow! That's right.. it snowed almost all day. I got snowed in at my aunt and uncle's house that night, so I've had a lot of homework to catch up on that I planned on doing over the weekend! *phew* That also means I haven't gotten very far in looking at their wedding pictures, but they are in Mexico right now anyway.  :p

What I have looked at so far are a few of the detail photos I took before the wedding. Jamie and Erica put a lot of thought and creativity into every single detail, so it was really fun capturing these special touches for them!

Ahhhh ring pictures, how I love thee!


I hope you two are having fun in Mexico! Just know that we are all jealous! :)

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