Saturday, February 20, 2010

I had a dream a few weeks ago...

The dream: I had scheduled a session with a little girl. The mom of this girl wanted her to be wearing a tutu and eating Oreos while sitting at their kitchen table. I went to the grocery stores in Rosholt (apparently there were five of them) and NO ONE HAD OREOS! *scary music plays* I panicked! 

I woke up still excited from the dream and when I realized it was a dream I said, "That is weird." Then I decided it would be super cute and put a notice out on Facebook that I needed a little girl! (This is why you should be my fan of my Facebook page.)

Well, Madi's mom answered the call and we scheduled to meet today!  Here are a bunch of photos that we took.

I love this one!

She dropped the Oreo in!

So much sass! (And thanks to big sister Emma for dressing up the bear so nicely!) :)

Bon Appetit!

Thanks Madi! I had a ton of fun!

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