Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Studio - Day 3

Not a whole lot happened today besides getting the paneling up on the dividing wall and getting some glass in the window! I got a few shelves and things like that, too.

I did take the peg board down and get the wall all patched up.

This is the brand spankin' new wall! I just need to finish it off. You can also see a table and shelf I need to fix/put together.

The outside of the building when I left today. Tomorrow I need to run and get a few more supplies that I didn't know I needed or that I mis-measured. (Oops.) I can't wait until it's all done! The worst part is going to be cleaning it before I can really decorate! :)


First off, I would just like to say that I'm jealous of their cool cowgirl boots! These sisters are adorable!

I'm loving hay bales right now! Just look how cute they look on them, though!

Miss R was totally working the camera!

Miss S is two.. and too cute!

This one looks like it belongs in a magazine! She was leading the horse, Shorty, up to be in a few pictures and the evening sunlight was just gorgeous! I may get a canvas of it for my studio!

This one cracks me up! Shorty sneezed and the girls' reactions are priceless!


The Studio - Day 2

I didn't start today as early as I wanted to, but I still got everything done by tonight! This is what the inside looked like in the morning when I got there.

The west dividing wall was all finished except to put up the paneling... (Emily also signed it yesterday. Haha)

AND THE DOOR WAS OPEN! :) I love the door and I think it's the original door to the building!

This is what the door looked like after I got done with it. For those of you who don't know, yellow is my favorite color. :) The glass still needs to be put in.

The dressing room door matches!

This is what the place looked like when I left tonight! This is the north wall. Just for the record... the paint looks SUPER yellow in this picture, but it's really not.. It's cream.

The south and east walls. Again, the paint is not that yellow.

View of the studio from Main Street!

Here is the accurate color of the walls and my awesome makeshift antennae. I just thought it was funny and I had to show you. I can't get any radio stations without it! :)

Tomorrow (which is actually today, since it's after midnight) I am going to get some supplies to finish up the dividing wall and hopefully finish up all the painting. I'm sure there will be another post for you tomorrow or on Friday!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Studio - Day 1

I got home from working on my studio a little bit ago, and I figured I should get the first day's blog post done! I started working on fixing it up yesterday.

This is the outside 'before shot.'

The inside 'before shots.' This is the east wall. The east wall with very dark paint. *sigh*

The front door had to be opened yet and the new dividing wall was waiting to be finished!

The south wall with the dressing room.

Main street window and north wall.

Got the signs up in the window! "Coming soon... Renae Alane Photography!" :)

Starting to prime the wall! Emily helped me out. :)

Another view of the front.

Priming done! *phew*

Check back soon and I'll have the 'Day 2' post up! :) Also - Tonight is your last chance to sign up for the newsletter! Remember, this issue has the BRAND NEW product in it!

Monday, July 27, 2009

More Awesomeness....

If you want to be one of the firsts to hear about my new product, be sure to sign up for the newsletter before the 29th! If you miss it, don't worry! I'll be debuting it at the Threshing Bee! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My super awesome secret.... REVEALED! :)

I have been torturing you for quite some time now with my awesome secret that I couldn't tell... well, now I can tell. I wanted to make sure that it was 100% for sure before I told anyone. When it was, I was going to reveal it in the August newsletter, but since a few people already know and I can't wait any longer, I wanted to tell the rest of you in person (or in blog)!

Since I have outgrown the studio space set up at my parents for awhile now, I have been patiently waiting for the perfect spot. Now, I've found it! I will soon have a studio space on Main Street of Rosholt! Isn't that awesome?

I'm hoping to have my new studio up and running in about a month or so. I am also planning on having an Open House sometime in September for everyone to come and see!

It will be located right next to the Post Office and across from Devin's Jack and Jill!

Make sure to check back because I will be posting a 'Studio Journal' right here on the blog! You'll get to see the awesomeness transform!

The Iverson Family!

Today I met the Iverson's at Chahinkapa. Since they are a family of golfers, we went near the golf course and took a few swings, er... shots. :)

Any session that I get to use either a tutu or the teacup is a good session. Well, with this session, I got to use BOTH. That would qualify as an awesome session, if you ask me! Little A is just six months old and fit quite nicely in the teacup!

Her mom purchased this tutu off of Etsy (one of my favorite websites.)

Mom and Dad even got in on the tutu action. :)

Remember that awesome news that I have? Well, check back tomorrow.. because I'll let you know then!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


My dear little cousin is already a Senior. How did that happen? I'm pretty sure she is still only suppose to be five years old terrorizing the family with our other cousins at family get-togethers. We took some of her pictures about a month ago. We wanted to use these flowers in some of them (while they were still kind of blooming).

Sunset pictures on a railroad track = Awesomeness.

Can you guess where we took these pictures yesterday? :)

They had recently painted this awesome wall downtown in Fargo. We basically just wandered around near the Plains Art Museum and took her first set of shots yesterday.

Balloons and a windy day don't usually mix... unless you are creative enough to make it work and just a bit crazy. ;)

We took a TON of volleyball pics. Most were of her volleying and playing (because Senior pictures can't be ALL business) and there was even one that she would kill me if I posted... I think it involved her missing the ball and it hitting her. :) She looks pretty smooth here though.

We stopped at the depot on Main Ave and took some music pictures! She has been in chorus and band all throughout high school.

This fountain is one of my favorite places to take pictures.

The sign said 'No wading in the fountain.' It didn't say anything about sticking your toes in it!

Today, we took some shots at my parent's farm. Her prom dress from this spring was absolutely gorgeous!

We recreated this one from last year. Everyone loved it and we figured we should do it again when she is actually a senior.

She is known for being a bit of a tomboy. She loves her cars and bikes! This one was taken right down the back road from my parents/grandparents!

We headed a few miles north to the crick. You have to take dirt bike pictures at a location that you would actually drive it, right? (Even though we were always told NOT to drive through it.) :)

Remember that super exciting news I couldn't tell you all about? Well, I can tell you... soon. :) Check the blog later this week for that AWESOME announcement!