Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Studio - Day 2

I didn't start today as early as I wanted to, but I still got everything done by tonight! This is what the inside looked like in the morning when I got there.

The west dividing wall was all finished except to put up the paneling... (Emily also signed it yesterday. Haha)

AND THE DOOR WAS OPEN! :) I love the door and I think it's the original door to the building!

This is what the door looked like after I got done with it. For those of you who don't know, yellow is my favorite color. :) The glass still needs to be put in.

The dressing room door matches!

This is what the place looked like when I left tonight! This is the north wall. Just for the record... the paint looks SUPER yellow in this picture, but it's really not.. It's cream.

The south and east walls. Again, the paint is not that yellow.

View of the studio from Main Street!

Here is the accurate color of the walls and my awesome makeshift antennae. I just thought it was funny and I had to show you. I can't get any radio stations without it! :)

Tomorrow (which is actually today, since it's after midnight) I am going to get some supplies to finish up the dividing wall and hopefully finish up all the painting. I'm sure there will be another post for you tomorrow or on Friday!

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