Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Studio - Day 1

I got home from working on my studio a little bit ago, and I figured I should get the first day's blog post done! I started working on fixing it up yesterday.

This is the outside 'before shot.'

The inside 'before shots.' This is the east wall. The east wall with very dark paint. *sigh*

The front door had to be opened yet and the new dividing wall was waiting to be finished!

The south wall with the dressing room.

Main street window and north wall.

Got the signs up in the window! "Coming soon... Renae Alane Photography!" :)

Starting to prime the wall! Emily helped me out. :)

Another view of the front.

Priming done! *phew*

Check back soon and I'll have the 'Day 2' post up! :) Also - Tonight is your last chance to sign up for the newsletter! Remember, this issue has the BRAND NEW product in it!

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