Saturday, July 25, 2009


My dear little cousin is already a Senior. How did that happen? I'm pretty sure she is still only suppose to be five years old terrorizing the family with our other cousins at family get-togethers. We took some of her pictures about a month ago. We wanted to use these flowers in some of them (while they were still kind of blooming).

Sunset pictures on a railroad track = Awesomeness.

Can you guess where we took these pictures yesterday? :)

They had recently painted this awesome wall downtown in Fargo. We basically just wandered around near the Plains Art Museum and took her first set of shots yesterday.

Balloons and a windy day don't usually mix... unless you are creative enough to make it work and just a bit crazy. ;)

We took a TON of volleyball pics. Most were of her volleying and playing (because Senior pictures can't be ALL business) and there was even one that she would kill me if I posted... I think it involved her missing the ball and it hitting her. :) She looks pretty smooth here though.

We stopped at the depot on Main Ave and took some music pictures! She has been in chorus and band all throughout high school.

This fountain is one of my favorite places to take pictures.

The sign said 'No wading in the fountain.' It didn't say anything about sticking your toes in it!

Today, we took some shots at my parent's farm. Her prom dress from this spring was absolutely gorgeous!

We recreated this one from last year. Everyone loved it and we figured we should do it again when she is actually a senior.

She is known for being a bit of a tomboy. She loves her cars and bikes! This one was taken right down the back road from my parents/grandparents!

We headed a few miles north to the crick. You have to take dirt bike pictures at a location that you would actually drive it, right? (Even though we were always told NOT to drive through it.) :)

Remember that super exciting news I couldn't tell you all about? Well, I can tell you... soon. :) Check the blog later this week for that AWESOME announcement!

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