Sunday, July 26, 2009

My super awesome secret.... REVEALED! :)

I have been torturing you for quite some time now with my awesome secret that I couldn't tell... well, now I can tell. I wanted to make sure that it was 100% for sure before I told anyone. When it was, I was going to reveal it in the August newsletter, but since a few people already know and I can't wait any longer, I wanted to tell the rest of you in person (or in blog)!

Since I have outgrown the studio space set up at my parents for awhile now, I have been patiently waiting for the perfect spot. Now, I've found it! I will soon have a studio space on Main Street of Rosholt! Isn't that awesome?

I'm hoping to have my new studio up and running in about a month or so. I am also planning on having an Open House sometime in September for everyone to come and see!

It will be located right next to the Post Office and across from Devin's Jack and Jill!

Make sure to check back because I will be posting a 'Studio Journal' right here on the blog! You'll get to see the awesomeness transform!

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