Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Amanda and John are married!!!

I ventured over to Fergus Falls, MN on Saturday for Amanda and John's wedding! They had perfect weather for their day and there was only one wardrobe mishap! (Bridesmaids dress caught in door... tail getting ripped off by a tire. Oops.) Thanks to a groomsman who pulled over and picked it up and to Amanda's grandma who just happened to have her sewing machine there for the quick fix! We had to rearrange pictures around just a bit, but we got everything done with time to spare.

All of the groomsmen led John out to see Amanda!

We went to an abandoned hospital for some group shots. The wedding party was telling me stories about orbs and people showing up in the windows of places in other wedding pictures they have seen taken here. After thoroughly examining the ones I took that day, I didn't find a single one! It was a little disappointing. Sorry, TAPS fans.

Take Note: Bubble exits are my favorite type!

There comes a time when the bridal party gets a little out of control... this may have been it.

But I put their energy to good use!

I thought it was sweet when John and his mom were singing along to the song they picked for their dance. Maybe they should have had mics! :)

It was a beautiful wedding and I had a ton of fun! Thank you guys for being so great and good luck in DL! :)

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