Saturday, July 31, 2010

55 Years Ago...

A Short Story- 55 Years ago a guy and a girl got married. Over the years they had 5 kids... and 10 grandkids... and now will be up to 7 great grandkids in January. It's a good thing their house is big enough to hold everyone, because holidays get a little crazy and a little loud.. but that's the way we like it! :)

My grandparents celebrated their 55th Anniversary in January. Earlier this month, the entire family got together and gave them a present they've been wanting for a long time... family pictures! Gma picked out the clothing and the location and I did my best to get everyone in the shots.

The whole clan. (It's hard to take pictures when you're in front of the camera. Yay for remotes!)

More from the day....

Thank you to the family for giving Gpa and Gma these great memories! 

Oh.. the ending to the short story? ...and they lived happily ever after!