Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Luck Raiders!

 I love to keep my studio looking in tip top shape and I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning and putting everything back in order. I organized my props back to where they're suppose to be, because after a few sessions - they are all over the place!

Here is the outside of the studio on a normal day:

Here is the studio during basketball districts:

I should have gotten the sign up for girls districts, but I was super busy and just know that I still love you girls. :) I have my old basketball and my pom poms from my Senior year of cheerleading in the window, too.

When I go to games, I normally have my camera in my face.. as you may have seen! I have a bunch of pictures from all the games (football, volleyball, and basketball) and I will be offering a chance for you to purchase them, with the proceeds all going back to RHS. More details on that will be coming towards the middle of the month!


I brought Oliver with me to the studio yesterday. He loves to sit near the window and watch outside. I'm just glad I have a good guard dog. :p

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