Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hard Hits

My brother works for the Tri-City Storm now and they were in Fargo to play the Force. Like always, I brought my camera to the games and got some awesome shots. Even though it's a good image of the team celebrating, I was a upset to see it had been used on the website with out my permission:

The image has since been taken down, and still no reply from the website administrators. Obviously, they know this is a huge offense. I'll admit, I got some pretty awesome shots this weekend. They problem is - No one asked and they did not have my permission before they used it. Copyrights, people... copyrights.

Kind of makes me want to try this on 'em:

This could cause quite the controversy...

Even the other team is ashamed.

Okay... STOP! *screeches to a halt*

This post needs some happy.. What's more jolly than Santa?! :)

One of my favorite parts of hockey is the hard hits. I now give you a collection of hits from the weekend.

Really though, the watermark across the photo is there for a reason. Please understand copyrights and why they are important! If you still don't get it.. think of it as going to a restaurant, eating, and leaving without paying.

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