Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Bodyshop Hair & Make-Up Tips

I had the amazing opportunity to work with The Bodyshop in Wahpeton, ND last month. The first thing I need you to do is go over to their Facebook page and 'Like' them and then come back here and continue reading...

Okay, hi again. Before every session I discuss outfits as well as hair and makeup with my clients. I tell my Senior girls to bring their make-up bags to their sessions and over on the website, there's a list of tips. However, as I am not really an expert in the department of hair and makeup, I felt the need to ask the professionals for help! The ladies at The Bodyshop were absolutely amazing to work with and they did a fantastic job at making a list of tips as well as doing hair and makeup on the models, Danielle and Lauren, that you see in the photos. I will stop talking now and let them take over the blog!

The Bodyshop Hair & Make-Up Tips
for photo shoots or special occasions

1. Do not cut your hair the week of your event.
2. Color your hair at least a week in advance.

A simple up-do. Loosely curl hair and braid to the side.
Flip the end of the braid through the top and secure with bobby pins.

3. Do not drastically change your cut or color before your event. 
4. Make-up should always be darker for pictures - especially in the eye area. 

Adding a shadow liner to deepen and darken the eyes.

5. Do not try a new style the day of the shoot. Practice first!
6. Avoid make-up with glitter, shimmer, or metallic. It looks very shiny in pictures (unless that's the look you're going for.)
7. Concentrate on the front of your hair unless you are going to see the back. The front is more important.

Easy transition during a set. Pull your loose curls into a side pony.
Gather hair to a side and secure with pony tail holder.

8. Don't overdo the tanning bed!
9. Avoid getting your eyebrows/lip waxed the week of your session.
10. Remember to bring your hair product and make-up with you to your session for touch ups. 

Always remember your hair spray!

11. Make-up should be relatively basic. Focus on the eyes and a neutral lip shade is best. Remember you want to look like you! Your pictures will be with you for a lifetime!

Have subtle make-up, but emphasis on the eyes and
neutral lips will make you look fresh and young!

12. Eyeliner and mascara are a MUST!
13. You can also choose to have your hair professionally done for your event. 

Hair is loosely curled and a waterfall braid is added in this look. The braid starts at one side of
your head and lays horizontally.

14. Also be careful of your skin care regiment at least for a couple of weeks before. Do not try any new face creams or treatments!
15. Avoid ultra high shine lip gloss as it tends to reflect in pictures.
16. And enjoy your day! HAVE FUN! Let your personality shine through!

 Thank you once again to Danielle and Lauren for agreeing to hang out with us for the day! And to Stephanie, Amy, Tiffany, and the other girls at The Bodyshop for being so awesome!

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  1. Wonderful job and great tips! Good job stylists, photographer and models!