Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Katie & Travis

Katie is my cousin and every Fall we used to go hunting together. We used to make up amazing songs that would lure the deer to us. For example,

"There ain't no deer around here. There ain't no deer around here!
How the heck can we fill our tags if there ain't no deer around here?"

As you can tell, we are very good song writers and didn't annoy our fathers and brothers at all. :) Hunting is something that Katie and Travis both enjoy and it was fun to be able to incorporate it into their e-session. We also did some at their lake because, well, that's where they like to hang out.
Katie and Travis are getting married on New Years Eve. I am very excited to be able to celebrate what will be my recent graduation from MSUM, the new year, and their new life together!

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