Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Deluxe Cards

Last Christmas, I sent out Christmas cards from a store. They came in a box. I wrote a message and signed my name. I sent them out. I didn't realize how Scroogey I was being! In the words of my brother, "I got this Christmas card in the mail from a photographer and there wasn't even a picture on it."

Not to disappoint again this year, I went all out for my family and friends Christmas card. Using the pictures that my mom took in September, I designed a card using one of my favorite Christmas quotes.

Yes, folks. It really is that shape!

My 2011 Product Line includes a new 'Deluxe' line of cards. Not just Christmas either. These high end cards will include Graduation, Save the Dates, Birth Announcements, and any other card that is needed! They are such fun shapes and they all include white envelopes. This gives my clients a new and stylish option to make your images stand out from the rest!

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