Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crystal - Calendar Girl!

Crystal came into the studio for some shots... FOR A CALENDAR! She was chosen for a national calendar and since it's kind of a long story, I'm going to tell you exactly what she told me-

"In March of 2009 I was chosen the 2008 Nursing Assistant of the Year Award and a $5,000 scholarship sponsored by Caretracker and AANAC. I was nominated by the Rosholt Care Center for my hard work and dedication to the resident's and the facility and was chosen out of 255 applicants in a nationwide contest sponsored by the above. They flew me out to Kansas City, MI to receive the award at their national convention. I also received a Millie of the Month award in April 2009 and also a 1,000 scholarship from the SDHCA (South Dakota Healthcare Association.) I received my nursing degree from Lake Area Technical Institute in July 2010 with a 4.0. I continue to work at the Care Center as a nurse. The calendar is being made by Caretracker featuring the finalists of the award and the runner-ups. I will be on the cover since being the first recipient of the award!"

She is definitely awesome. :)

Congrats again, Crystal! You definitely deserve it!

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  1. Talk about being photogenic.. should be a model..