Monday, August 16, 2010

Definitely Two!

As most of you know, I have a super adorable niece. She models for my mom's Etsy shop and any time I want her to. :) I always hear, 'Grace must be so easy to take pictures of!' Well, people... let me tell you something. She is two. Yes... TWO! *duh duh duhhhhhh* She is independent, stubborn, and well... two. I love her to death, but sometimes she makes me work a little more. I would like to show you a few examples from yesterday with commentary:

I asked her "Gracie, can you smile for me?" and this is what I get.

I tell her "Grace come over here and sit on the chair." and this is what I get.

I ask her, "Grace, can you put the apples in your basket?" and she says, "Mah appoos. I hold." (And please notice the puppy butt in the background.)

I tell her, "Grace, come smell the flowers." and she smells the pepper.

I tell her, "Smile at Auntie!" and I get this...

I say, "Grace, what are you doing?" She says, "I eatin'."

And this... well, I'm not sure.

I say "Grace, just one more picture." and I get this.

But then I get this....

and this. 

And I'm a happy aunt. :)

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  1. She looks great in yellow and especially awesome next to that blue.