Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cassandra & Mitchel are Married!

  Cassandra and Mitch got married over the weekend and I was lucky to be their photographer! Despite a little rain, the wedding was beautiful and the day went great. It was probably because the bride was so organized they were playing cards a few days before the wedding. I'm thinking she should be a wedding planner! :)

Probably the best 'First Look' I have ever experienced!

Everyone in the wedding part was great! As you can see, they were quite fun to work with. :)

The flower girls and ring bearer were all adorable and did a great job!

The ceremony was beautiful.

Everyone had a good time at the reception and dance! They had the most people I have ever seen on a dance floor at a wedding! They also handed out glow bracelets which made for some awesome details in the pictures. :)

Thank you again for letting me share your day with you. I will have the rest ready for you soon!

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