Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Vacation!

I went on a vacation. Yes.. I was pretty shocked, too. I went down to Nebraska to visit my brother and sister in law when I realized I had more than a day off!

Dooker and Oliver got to play together! They ran around outside and then slept for most of the day. Bums!

I got to see the Tri-City Storm's arena. It was pretty neat. There was no ice on the rink as it's the off season, but still pretty cool. (No pun intended.) :p

I also went to the Great Platte River Road Archway. You can see it near Kearney when you are on Interstate 80. Well, you just won't see it, you'll go under it!

Inside was even better than the outside! Each section was full of interesting things about the past. The displays were very impressive!

Can I borrow a quarter?

One of my favorite parts. I loved all the features they put in the displays.

The diner had a great atmosphere, but the service was a little slow. ;)

There it is! A glimpse into the few days I took off! I had fun, but now it's back to work and school.

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