Friday, January 22, 2010

An Update!

I just wanted to give you a quick update! I have updated the website calendar to what I know is open right now. If you look at March, you will notice a few days available during the week. That's right. I'm offering my Spring Break to you! Not that I ever go anywhere anyway, but I'd much rather spend it in my studio! The dates for March - May are all that will be available, but as I know my summer class schedule, more dates will be popping up from July-August. I should know that by the end of February! Also stay tuned to the blog for some sneak peeks, because I have lots of sessions coming up.

2010 Seniors: Start thinking about your invites! I will be contacting you all next month to discuss ideas!
2011 Seniors: If you are interested in booking a session or just want some information, contact me through the 'Contact' section on the website. :)

Just a little bit ago, I looked outside my window and noticed I had to look through ice to see out. It had started to rain and it instantly froze as it hit the window.

Uh oh....

Everyone PLEASE be careful this weekend! Stay home if you can!

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