Monday, September 14, 2009

I went to Dalton, MN this weekend for the LRPTA Steam Thresher's Reunion. I've gone ever since I can remember! I took a ton of photos and I thought I'd share some with you.

Just started on my way. This was taken with a fisheye lens that I rented for the weekend.

The ultralight aircrafts were flying around for most of the weekend. I thought they were so cool and I'd love to own one of my own someday!

You can see the pilot waving in this photo.

Oliver in the camper. He is my favorite subject with this lens. It cracks me up!

The old houses and buildings they have on the grounds are so neat. I love the details that they put into them.

One of the buildings had an old baseball display... of course, I took pictures of it. :)

The outside of one of the houses. So cute.

My dad helps out with the tractor pull. The field was still pretty muddy on Saturday, but I think it made the pull more fun to watch.

Oliver's new friend, Ernie! The neighbor's had a pot bellied pig. So funny!

Some cute little girl came to visit! :)

Oliver just hanging out in the camper! The thing on his collar lit up. I didn't want to lose him at night in the campgrounds!

I will be back at it in the studio (and other places) from now until Christmas straight! Don't be afraid to stop in and visit. I am planning an Open House the end of the month, I will post about that soon! Stay tuned!

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