Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Studio - Day 4

Today was another productive day! I got one set of curtains up!

I also got the inside of the door painted, along with the rest of the walls! Everything is trimmed and even got a second coat! I put up some shears on the door, but I didn't take a picture of it after.

It started pouring! I was a little scared because it had gotten so dark and windy outside!

The east tin wall is gorgeous. I really like this color on it. You can see the details better. I even got the top molding up on the wall above the west dividing wall and this wall.

View of the curtains closed.

What a mess! :(

Oliver was pretty tired by 10:30.

I painted the baseboards (some parts were in rough shape) and finished painting everything by 10:30. I finished up the molding on the top of the walls near the ceiling. I left at about 11:30 and I had even put that shelf together!

Tomorrow I'm going to finish up the details on the dividing wall and then clean everything up and clean the carpets. Hopefully I can start moving stuff in next week! :)

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