Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red River Valley Flood 2009

I got home at 5am after a day/night/morning of sandbagging. I am exhausted this morning, but SO glad I could help! I didn't bring my camera with me, but I wanted to share these cell phone pictures with you so you can see just how amazing and unreal the sandbagging process is.

This is the Fargo Dome at about midnight last night. This wasn't even 1/3 of the dome, but you can see just how many people were there and how many sandbags they were pushing out.

I took a bus and was transferred to Sandbag Central. That was located on another building on the NDSU campus. This image is just the corner of the building. There were many more people in the building shoveling by hand and there was a another spider like seen in this picture. There were many palettes of sandbags sitting around waiting to be removed and trucked to different locations in the city.

This has been absolutely unreal and something I will never forget. I helped out in the 97 flood in Wahpeton when I was in High School, but this has had so much more impact on me. Seeing the entire communities of Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead, and the neighboring towns coming together really gives me hope that we will get through this. On the radio they just said the Red is at 35.73 feet and should be at 41 feet (the highest it has ever been) on Sunday. We still need a lot of help up here, especially with the snow we got last night, but if you can't help your prayers will still be appreciated.

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