Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do It Yourself: Photography Prop Nest

Hey fellow photogs! I was recently looking online for nests to use for a newborn prop and I couldn't believe how much people were selling (and buying) them for! Instead of paying $40+, I decided I needed to make one myself.

I went to Hobby Lobby and found three wreaths that are two different sizes. One larger on top and two smaller on the bottom. I stood in the aisle stacking different wreaths until I got the perfect fit, but later on figured it wouldn't have mattered because when you tie them together and tighten the wire, they merge together nicely no matter which way you put them.

Here's what you need:

  • Three grape vine wreaths. I would say experiment until you find what size and style works for you. (My local Hobby Lobby has tightly wound wreaths and the wreaths that I chose, which are a little messier and I thought would look better as a nest.)
  • Floral wire.
  • A pliers to help you tighten the wire. 

I purchased two 14" wreaths for $3.99 and an 18" wreath for $4.99... Here is the kicker. They were 50% off! I also already had some floral wire on hand, but a roll of it is only about $3. So, instead of paying $40 (plus $10 shipping) I made myself a wreath for under $15. I've found that making my own props helps me to be able to keep my prices low for my clients and still have very cute options!

Once I got home, I stacked the three wreaths on my table with the largest on the bottom and the two smaller wreaths on top. I positioned them to where I thought they looked best and then flipped the stack over to make sure it looked great and was sturdy enough for a newborn to lay in.

I simply took the 18" pieces of floral wire and bent them in half. From the largest wreath, I wove them through the stack of wreaths so that it would be sturdy and so that the wire is hidden. I tightened the wires on the smallest wreath (the bottom of the 'nest') and cut the left over wire and made sure the ends were bent and could no way hurt or touch the baby when he/she would be laying in it. I I did this in three spots around the wreath.

You can do all sorts of things with it once you get the main nest. You could add some moss or to make it more girly, maybe some vines, flower blossoms, and a lady bug or too. When I use it, I will most likely use a tan colored fur in the middle and have the newborn wear an owl hat or a very organic looking hat. 

Here is an upside-down view of the nest. You can see that the three wreaths fit great together when you tie them with the floral wire and tighten them together. It gets a little narrow at the bottom, but not enough that it will tip over when you place a baby in it.

I can't wait to use it! :)


  1. Very lovely, I was thinking of doing something similar but never got around to it.. Looks great! Cant wait to make my own now :)

  2. awsome! ive been looking for awhile to make one! Never taugh of the 2 different sizes of vine! very clever! Thank you!